Climbing Bornholm

Guided rock climbing

Starting trip

Experience rock climbing at 6 different levels of difficulty

Come with Klatring Bornholms to try rock climbing on 6 different routes at Lake Opal in a safe environment. It is Denmark's only place with real rocks! You wear a climbing harness, helmet and climbing shoes, and while the instructor ensures safety, you climb with a view of Lake Opal. 

Regardless of your age, the beginner's tour is a great place to be introduced to climbing!

For beginners in the heights

We open up climbing routes that suit your level and give tips on how you can become a better climber along the way. A fun climbing route contains equal parts challenges and successes. 

Before you start climbing, you go through a thorough instruction and get to try what it means to hang from the rope while still standing safely on the flat ground. 

After the first climbing trip, the height and degree of difficulty can be increased on the same or other routes. That way you can develop and challenge yourself from start to finish!

Children, adults and fear of heights?

Children are typically more fearless than adults, but everyone can learn to climb – regardless of previous level, as TV2 Fyn showed in a featureWith climbing routes in different degrees of difficulty and heights, we are sure that everyone will have a successful experience. 

The instructor pays particular attention to helping those who may be afraid of heights. Sometimes the height has to be taken in several steps and the feeling of safety from the rope usually works well.

Money-back guarantee

We offer a money-back GUARANTEE if your fear of heights puts you off the climbing route.

Family-friendly activity on Bornholm
The whole family can participate, children down to 7 years.

Practical information

The activity:

  1. At the start you will be equipped with a helmet, climbing harness and gloves before we all take off to the rockfaces we will climb on.
  2. Together with the instructor who secures the rope, you can try up to 6 exciting climbing routes at a height of 10 - 18 meters and varying degrees of difficulty.
  3. The activity ends when we are all back at the parking lot. Here the gear will be handed back.

You should bring:

Comfortable clothes, water and a snack

We meet:

We meet at the parking lot at Opalsøen, where you find our wooden trailer.
The nearest address is Hammersøvej 4, 3770 Allinge


star rating  A really cool experience and good service. You enjoy Bornholm's beautiful nature and the beautiful view from the cliffs. The instructors were very patient and helpful if you had difficulties... read more

Nora R
1 January 1970

star rating  Great opportunity for an active holiday, for both adults, children and young people - so great that we offer repelling too

422 leifk
30 June 2022

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