Climbing Bornholm

The story of Climbing Bornholm

Since 2020, Klatring Bornholm has guided tours in the vertical at Lake Opal.

A goal of 5-star experiences

The founder Laust Højmark created the company with a background in his education as an outdoor instructor and many years of experience with rock climbing on the island. From the start, the goal was to deliver 5-star experiences to our guests and based on the reviews, we have succeeded. 

Today, a team of approx. 10 are guided towards guests in the high season and together provide an experience out of the ordinary for approx. 2000 guests annually. 

Start from the trunk of the car, ended successfully

Shortly after the early opening of Klatring Bornholm, the bookings poured in. Here, the biggest challenge was that the reception van was not finished in its transformation from a horse trailer and the first guests were given equipment directly from the car's trunk. 

Nevertheless, Klatring Bornholm had passed the 'proof of concept' and development continued. Today you can always find us in the parking lot at Opalsøen.

Photographer Camilla Hylleberg followed us in the heat of summer.

Watch the film here!

Meet your guides

About Laust Højmark

Laust Højmark

Founder of Klatring Bornholm

Since 2007, rock climbing on Bornholm has been my greatest passion. As a trained outdoor guide and instructor, it is my great pleasure to invite people into this unique sport.

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