Climbing Bornholm

Camp schools

Climbing and rappelling
for students from 5th grade or higher

Opal Lake's cliffs as a sports hall

The scenic area by Lake Opal, packed with industrial historye from the former granite quarry, is the perfect place to try climbing and rappelling. The degree of difficulty can be adjusted for everyone in the group and provide a healthy mix of challenges and success experiences.

In addition to being fun, the activities challenge the students in different ways. Climbing is about spatial intelligence, balance, agility and to some extent strength. Rappelling is more about stepping beyond one's usual limits. Students are often seen developing themselves in new ways that are not seen under normal circumstances. 

The activities at Klatring Bornholm are tailored to the different grade levels and the instructors focus on supporting the individual student and the group as a whole in a safe and exciting day they will remember in the future.

Hear about Esajasskolen's experience:

We have with our 5. kl. had a great experience with Klatring Bornholm. 
They are skilled, professional and meet the students at eye level. We have previously tried rappelling, but we find that climbing offers more space for both those who may have difficulty with heights and those who have tried it many times before. All students were challenged at their level and had a good experience with calm, skilled instructors. Klatring Bornholm had also organized other pleasant activities so that the students did not experience queuing. Thank you for a really good experience. We will definitely come again.
wh Laila and Helene Esajas School, spring 2023.

Activities adapted to camp schools

Rock climbing

Climbing takes place on 8 routes from beginner to advanced, with passionate instructors and all the necessary equipment, including climbing shoes.

The height can be adjusted to the individual student, which creates a very safe experience. It is not necessarily about reaching the top, rather having an experience of success. If you have absolutely no need to move up in height, you will still be of great use to your companions, as those on the ground can guide and cheer on those who are climbing. The pupils thus get a sense of a great co-responsibility, while safety is top notch.

5th – 7th grade: the students are secured by the instructors in the top rope.

8th grade – or higher: the students learn to secure each other with backup security in groups of 3 and 3. Great sense of responsibility in a safe environment!

Rappelling at 18 meters

Rappelling takes place from 18 meters in two lanes down a vertical cliff edge, with landing in the same area as rock climbing. The instructor stands at the top of each course and guides people safely off. You control the speed down the rope yourself, while the instructor controls a backup rope.

Before the rappelling starts, a trial course on safe ground gives everyone familiarity with the equipment and technique, before standing on the edge of the 18 meter high and vertical cliff face with the instructor.

Good activity on its own or in combination with climbing.

Rappelling at 45 meters

Rappelling takes place from 45 meters in one or two lanes down a vertical cliff edge. An instructor stands at the top of each course and guides people safely off. Before the rappelling begins, a trial course on safe ground gives everyone familiarity with the equipment and technique.

Best for groups up to 20 people or in combination with other activities.

It is possible to abseil normally or Australian, i.e. where you go forward down the cliff. Even if you control the speed yourself, you always have a backup line on which the instructor holds.

Good activity on its own or in combination with climbing.

This is how the day goes

Side activities for camp schools include e.g. campfire
  1. Warm-up game: Upon arrival, the students are given a warm-up game so that everyone is fresh and ready for the rest of the day.
  2. The group is divided: Depending on the size of the group, the group may be divided. up between e.g. climbing and side activities until it is their turn.
  3. Side activities: The students will be able to get involved with e.g. marshmallows over campfires, games of kings and slackline. Therefore, all students will be active from start to finish.

Practical information

Meeting point: By our trailer in the Opal Lake parking lot.

Here we climb: The activities are located in the wild nature area at Lake Opal on Nordbornholm, within walking distance between Hammershus and Allinge-Sandvig

Duration: 2½ – 6 hours depending on the number of students.

The price: vary according to activities and group size, typically between DKK 235 – 335 per person. person incl. VAT.

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